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A fast and easy way to keep digital land information current


Welcome to Changingland...


Baker has added Coverage, Parcel, and Tract "push" buttons to the Google Maps interface. You control how to visualize the land information by toggling on and off the data layers.


Administrative control is built in to enable you add/modify/delete users within your organization. You also can purchase and monitor credit usage.


Notification of new content is at your control. Specify your counties or states of interest, and define your automated update notification frequency as daily or weekly.

Available Data

Immediately available in are new ,parcels, streets, right-of-ways, and public utility easements.

New subdivisions (tracts) are built by precision inputting (using coordinate geometry) both the street centerline and sub-division boundary. The precision data is rectified to surrounding features and ortho-imagery. Internal subdivision content is then head-ups digitized for a comprehensive subdivision representation.

Features are attributed: Parcels with Assessor Parcel Number (APN), named Streets with left/right, from/to address ranges to meet geocoding needs.

Selected tracts are delivered as zipped ESRI Shape Files via an automated email notification format on a daily or weekly basis.